MW3 Weapon Proficiencies Guide

The addition of Weapon Proficiencies is the latest in a long line of additions that we are going to be seeing in Modern Warfare 3. And with all of these added extras to the game, it is easy to get mixed up a little on what is what.

The Weapon Proficiencies are much like anything else experienced in the game (or any another Modern Warfare title) in that you will gradually unlock them as you progress. As you become more experienced with a certain weapon, you will gradually unlock all of the 10 proficiencies, one by one.

The easiest way to grasp the idea of Weapon Proficiencies in MW3 is by thinking of it as nothing more than a perk for your gun. While we are all familiar with using perks on our characters, implementing them on our guns is something that is completely new. Let’s say that you are particularly fond of the SCAR-L. If you use it enough, you will soon unlock the first of the Weapon Proficiencies; this being Kick. Here, you have only unlocked Kick for the SCAR-L, for every other gun you still have to get the kills to unlock it.

Below is a list of all 10 weapon proficiencies, along with short descriptions of each one.

  1. Kick
  2. Impact
  3. Attachments
  4. Focus
  5. Breath
  6. Stability
  7. Range
  8. Melee
  9. Speed
  10. Damage


The Modern Warfare 3 Kick Proficiency reduces recoil making successive shots from an automatic weapon more on target.  Can be used with any gun. This is best used on high-recoil guns such as the AK-47.


The Modern Warfare 3 Impact Proficiency increases bullet penetration and damage through walls. Can be used with all guns.


The Modern Warfare 3 Attachments Proficiency allows a player to equip two attachments on their weapon at once. It can be used with all guns.


The Modern Warfare 3 Focus Proficiency reduces the amount of flinching when a player receives damage. It can be used with all weapons.


The Modern Warfare 3 Breath Proficiency allows a player to hold their breath while aiming down sights. It can only be used with the sniper rifle.


The Modern Warfare 3 Stability Proficiency reduces the amount your weapon sways. It can be used with all guns except sniper rifles and light machine guns.


The Modern Warfare 3 Range Proficiency increases the range of your weapon. It can be used on all gun types. Best used on short range weapons liks Shotguns and SMGs.


The Melee Proficiency allows you to do a Knife Melee Attack quicker than normal. The melee attack is always a one hit kill. Can be equipped when using SMGs.


The Modern Warfare 3 Speed Proficiency increases the players speed. Can only be used with light machine guns and sniper rifles.


The Modern Warfare 3 Damage Proficiency increases the damage done with shotgun shells. Hence, it can only be used with a shotgun.

Choosing Proficiencies

Choosing proficiencies depends greatly on which weapons you prefer using, and what type of playstyle you have. You’ll simply have to experiment and figure out on your own. The good thing is the whichever proficiency you choose, you basically can’t go wrong.

You can also watch a video below to view some basics of the proficiency system.

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