MW3 Multiplayer Guide

MW3 Multiplayer Guide

If you are anything like me, the only reason you pick up new Call of Duty titles is so you can play multiplayer with friends and strangers like. If that’s the case, then you are in luck – in this guide to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Guide, I will be giving you 6 fast strategies that you can use to improve your kill death ratio!

In this quick guide to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer mode, I will be giving you 6 easy strategies that you can use to start boosting your kill:death ratio. This will help you level up faster so you can unlock more weapons and access prestige mode sooner, which is never a bad thing.

1. Select the Right Weapon for the Map

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using only a single weapon no matter what map they play on. In concept, this is a good theory. The more you use a gun, the more familiar you get with how it works and the better you will be able to use it.

However, I think it is best off if you stick to a few guns. At the very least, you need to master two weapons: a close-range (submachine gun or shotgun) and long-range (anything else) weapon. This way, on bigger maps you can select your long-range weapon, and on small maps with a lot of buildings you can use your close-combat weapon.

If you are fighting through small rooms and buildings with an Assault Rifle and everyone else has a submachine gun, you might find yourself in a bit of trouble!

2. Never Sprint Near Enemies

Bad players are constantly sprinting all over the map in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. These players are easy targets for anyone who is not sprinting. When you sprint, there is a small delay before you can use your weapon again. If you try to go from sprinting directly into aiming, it is around a full second in time before you can actually shoot. This is enough time for the enemy to take you out!

You only sprint when you are trying to avoid being seen and moving across a dangerous area. You never sprint on offense when you are looking for your enemy. You need to be ready to pull the trigger at a moment’s notice should you run into someone.

3. Always Keep an Eye on Radar

Radar is everything in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. You should always be looking at it. If you have a UAV, you should watch for the direction the dots on the map are moving. Generally, if you come up on someone in the same direction they are moving, you will be behind them, which makes them an easy kill. Players like to travel together too, so if you see someone run by on radar, there is likely another player that will follow them within 5 seconds.

This goes both ways. If you just fired a shot or the enemy has a UAV up, you need to be really careful about pushing out. It is best to take up a defensive position at this time, as the enemy is likely to come to you.

Finally, if you have the Assassin perk, when the enemy has a UAV up it is your time to shine. This is actually to your advantage. Your enemy will be chasing after people who are on radar, and they will not be prepared when you come across them. They will likely be sprinting or not ready to aim, so keep this in mind. An assassin should always be deep in enemy territory when they have a UAV active.

4. Base Killstreaks On Your Skill Level

This is a simple one, but a lot of players never figure this out. If you are not very good at CoD MW3 multiplayer, it makes no sense to pick the highest killstreak rewards. Instead, you should pick the lower ones which you will actually get to access regularly.

When you access these rewards, they might earn you and your team a few extra kills. This will help you level up faster so you can get better guns and perks, which will make your overall game life easier. As you get better and start racking up bigger killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, you can change to bigger killstreak rewards.

5. Match Up Your Perks to Your Gun

Another thing a lot of players struggle with in MW3 multiplayer is picking the right perks and attachments for their weapon. Some perks are clearly designed for certain weapons and do not mix at all with others, yet some players find themselves unable to make this distinction.

For example, let’s take a look at Tier 2 perks. Let’s say you are figuring out on whether you want to use quickdraw (faster aiming) or assassin (immunity to UAV and other such things). Quickdraw is clearly for long-ranged classes while Assassin is clearly for short-ranged classes.

If you are engaging in face to face combat, you are usually better off shooting from the hip – you have no time to aim regardless. Close-combat classes will always have more success sneaking up on people, so the Assassin trait is very good. You are also very vulnerable if you are close to enemies when they have a UAV up.

Now compare that to Quickdraw. If you are using an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle, often you will not be close enough to enemy territory to even worry about many of the sensors. However, if you are using a Sniper Rifle, you need to be able to aim very quickly to take down someone sprinting across an open area before they disappear. Good players can really get good use out of the Quickdraw feature because of this.

Think about your playstyle and match your perks and gun accordingly, and you will have a really good Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer combo.

6. Vote for the Same Map

I think this is one of the best strategies for any Call of Duty game. You need to vote for the same map constantly. If you are always in new spaces, it is hard to master the basics (such as the different guns, perks, and killstreaks). Familiar surroundings use less brain resources, which allow you to focus on things like where the enemy is.

Once you learn a map really well, you will find that you are a much better player. This is simply because your brain has less new information to take in and can better focus on locating and shooting enemy players. Once you have a map mastered, move on to the next one, and keep playing that one repeatedly to. Do this until you master all the maps in Call of Duty.


By applying these 6 strategies in multiplayer, you will find yourself winning a lot more games of CoD MW3. There are always exceptions to the rules, but these are timeless strategies that apply to any Call of Duty title.

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