Kosh MW3 Strategy Guide Review

For those of you that simply want a professional advice and help in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 there’s finally a great solution available. The name is Kosh, and he wrote an incredibly detailed and comprehensive MW3 Strategy Guide that has an impressive amount of helpful content.

Kosh is an experienced writer of game strategy guides and his latest Modern Warfare 3 guide is no exception to the amazing quality and wealth of information his guides always provide. Whether you think you need help with Modern Warfare 3 or not, I strongly suggest you take a look at his offer or you’ll never know what you’re missing out on. This is an all-in-one strategy guide for this year’s biggest FPS game and you definitely want to know all about it.

First things first, let’s talk a bit about the guides aimed at beginner players that Kosh covers. You’ll get an overview of pretty much every aspect of the game you can think of, from weapons, interface, map tactics, team strategies and more. There’s also a great singleplayer campaign guide that will help you finish it in record time. You can finally upload some interesting content on Youtube! There are also several other beginner MW3 guides that talk about aiming, map awareness, classes, game modes, skills and more. Overall, highly useful for anyone new to Call of Duty.

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As for advanced guides, there’s certainly no lack of them. Some are on the same topics, but the author went into great lengths to provide an absolutely stunning amount of helpful tips and strategies that you 100% won’t find anywhere else. Trust me, I looked: this isn’t just basic stuff copied from random forums and blog, this is completely new insider information from someone who clearly understands and plays this game far better than I ever will.

Those guides consist of detailed overviews of all available weapons and their attachments, which is a must-read. You’ll get detailed stats and analysis of every weapon and attachments and recommendations on which ones to use. Additionally, the perks guide will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about them, and definitely a lot more than my basic MW3 perks guide posted on this site.

The part that I especially like and find useful is the one about maps. Every single multiplayer map that is available is covered with high-rez maps and screenshots, showing you some amazing sniping locations and small secret spots from which you can consistently kill people without getting exposed. Next time someone shoots and kills you before you even saw him or through a wall, you’ll know that person read Kosh’s Modern Warfare 3 Strategy Guide.

Another great part of Kosh MW3 Strategy Guide is that it comes with complete money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find it helpful you can just request a refund. Yes, that means this guide doesn’t come free, but from what it contains it’s a bargain price at the moment. It also gets updated with new content on a regular basis and it’s all free. Additionally it also contains video guides that I found to be very beneficial in understanding some stuff.

Overall Kosh definitely surprised me with the amount of content he managed to compile. If you’re constantly getting dominated in multiplayer this is the fastest and best way to get better at MW3 and I highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Dominate Modern Warfare 3!

Kosh MW3 Strategy Guide

If you are having a rough time in Modern Warfare 3, then I strongly recommend that you check out Kosh's Modern Warfare 3 Mastery Guide. It's a perfect all in one Modern Warfare 3 Guide exposing some of the best-kept secrets that a lot of pros do not want you to know! Read my review to find out what it contains or click below to download it instantly!

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